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Advice On Hair Color

Just as the choice in hair color varies, so do the reasons why the change is made.
If you were considering running out and having your hair colored, before you do, you should seek good advice on hair color. While millions of people purchase over-the-counter color products to change the appearance of their hair, many of these products are causing significant damage.

To get advice on hair color, start with your stylist. If he or she is not an expert in coloring, then you want to find someone who is. This is very important not just for the final look of your hair but also for the healthy of your hair. Obviously, for many people, changing hair color is a part of normal life. Some men and women will simply choose a different shade of their natural color while other individuals choose a color completely different. Just as the choice in hair color varies, so do the reasons why the change is made.

Now remember that changing the color of your hair is not a bad thing but you owe it to your hair to start with good advice on hair color. Whether you are looking to add a little color to cover gray, changing color because you want to keep up with the latest trend, or simply bored and want something new and exciting, you still want to get advice on hair color.

Regardless of the reason or the color chosen, nothing is more frustrating than spending good money on hair color only to have it fade quickly, or to have your hair damaged beyond repair. If interested in having your hair colored but want to make sure it will last as long as possible, consider the advice on hair color taken from several leading colorists:




    You owe it to your hair to start with good advice on hair color!
    Before Color – Do not have your hair colored if your hair is clean. Actually, you should not shampoo your hair for 24 to 48 hours before the color is added. The reason is that you need your scalp to have some natural oils present, which helps the color adhere better. Additionally, with an unwashed scalp, the color will penetrate deeper into the hair follicles, making it last longer. In addition to an unwashed scalp helping the color stay, it will also act as a protective barrier so that your head does not become irritated from the chemicals in hair color. Therefore, the longer you can go without washing your hair before you have color applied the better.

  • After Color – Just as you want the scalp to be unwashed for up to 48 hours before the hair color is applied, you also want to wait for 24 to 48 hours after the color is added before shampooing. By waiting to wash your hair, the color has more time to absorb, meaning it will be richer and more consistent. Although it might be tempting to wash your hair in 24 hours or less, you will have a more beautiful head of hair if you wait.

  • Everyday – Many people wash their hair on a daily basis simply because they like a clean head of hair. However, if your hair is colored, each time you wash it, even with permanent coloring, some fading will occur due to the sulfates found in many shampoos. Then in addition to the shampoo, conditioners and other hairstyle products do not provide any protection whatsoever to the sun’s rays, which also cause hair color to go through a slow oxidation process. Therefore, instead of shampooing and conditioning your hair on a daily basis, as you normally do, extend that time to every second or third day to help the color last longer.

Hair Products

  • Hot Oil Treatment – Since this type of hair treatment often has high levels of acidity such as extra virgin oil, it can easily strip the color from the hair. If you want to use a hot oil treatment, just make sure it is a product designed specifically for color-treated hair.

  • Chemical Treatment – Using products such as straighteners, relaxers, and permanents, which are all comprised of chemicals, can cause damage to the hair’s hue. Depending on the product of choice, you might even experience broken, spongy, or brittle hair.

  • Color Glaze or Gloss – Ask your colorist about having glaze, or gloss applied to your hair at the time of coloring. In addition to extending the life of your hair’s color, this will also seal the hair’s cuticle. You can choose from a semi-permanent gloss that is applied with or without heat, both helping extend the color in a safe and healthy manner. These treatments also give your hair more shine, producing a beautiful color reflection.

  • Conditioning – A minimum of once a week, you should use a deep conditioner that is made for colored hair. This will help maintain the color and strength the hair.
Hair Maintenance
  • Hair Cut - Always have your hair cut before you have it colored, especially if you plan going from long to short. Why pay to have your hair colored and then cut off?

  • Hydration and Moisture – After you have had your hair colored, you want to consume more water than normal, which will keep your hair from drying out and moisturize the roots.

  • Styling Tools - Avoid overuse of blow dryers, curlers, hot irons, and other heated styling tools, choosing to let your hair air dry, if possible. If you do need to blow dry your colored hair, then use a leave-in conditioner that will provide some protection or set the air on cool.

  • Water - If you plan to swim in the ocean or swimming pool, be sure to wear a swimming cap. Unfortunately, both salt water and chlorinated pools can cause the color to fade and with pools, you might experience an unwanted hue of pink, yellow, or green.

  • Sunshine – When out in the sun, wear a cap or hat to protect your colored hair.

  • Hair Part – To prevent uneven fading, you want to switch the side where you part your hair so that different sections are exposed.

By taking time to ask for advice on hair color from a qualified colorist, you could be saving yourself a huge headache and embarrassment. If you cannot find anyone near where you live, use the power of the internet. Simply choose Google.com, Yahoo.com, or some other major search engine and in the search field, type in the words,” advice on hair color.” In return for your search, you will be astounded by the number of websites found, each offering a little different advice.

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