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Hair Coloring Tips

The goal when coloring hair is to make it appear natural

If you are thinking about coloring your hair, the first step is to gather as many hair coloring tips as possible. Unless you are trying to create a look of pink or purple hair for shock value, the goal when coloring hair is to make it appear natural. For this reason, following hair coloring tips is your best course of action.

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Let us first discuss how color works. When changing the color of your hair, a specific process happens. Depending on the type of color being applied, it will contain chemicals, such as those listed below:

  • Ammonia – This alkaline allows hair to be lightened when blended with hydrogen peroxide. Ammonia typically separates the hair cuticle, which allows the color to penetrate the hair’s cortex. As the hydrogen peroxide and ammonia are applied to the hair, the alkaline goes through the hair shaft while the hydrogen peroxide oxidizes. The result is the molecules in the color bond, thus producing the new color.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide (H202) – This is typically referred to as the oxidizing or developing agent that helps with the coloring process. The higher the level of developer, the more sulfate is stripped from the hair.

  • Demi-Permanent Color (DPC) – Generally, this type of color will last for approximately 25 shampoos. Pre-color molecules work to penetrate the cuticle, which then enters the hair’s cortex where they work with larger, color molecules. Because of this larger size, the color stays longer than with the semi-permanent color option.

  • Semi-Permanent Color (SPC) – This type of color is added to color molecules that enter the hair’s shaft, although only the outer layer, being the cuticle, is penetrated. For this reason, SPC’s do not interfere with the hair’s natural pigments. With this type of color, the color molecules are much smaller so they do not last as long as the demi-permanent color option. Although it will vary from one person to another, typically, this color will last 10 shampoos.

Now, some important hair coloring tips to help you get the most and best color for your hair include the following:

  • Gray Hair – This occurs when natural pigment is eliminated from the hair’s shafts. Additionally, as this color leaves, the hair becomes coarser. Because of this, the process of coloring can be a little more challenging. Therefore, you might consider having your softened, which helps increase the hair’s porosity, allowing more pigmentation to enter, thus better coverage. You also want to leave color on gray hair for a minimum of 35 minutes and use one shade of color darker than the targeted color.

  • Fading Color – This problem is one that many people complain about but some things can be done to help. First, if you have chlorine in your water, this could be a problem. In most cases, using a water filter will do the job. Another option is that your hair is too porous. Then this happens, the ends will start to fad. You can buy a filler from your local beauty supply warehouse or visit your colorist to have just the areas needing a touchup colored. Another possible cause is that the product being used is not very good quality. In this case, switch to a better product.

  • Pregnancy – Hair coloring tips while pregnant are always important. Generally, you should avoid using any color at all in the first trimester (first 12 weeks) of pregnancy. If possible, avoid coloring your hair at all while pregnant but if you want to, try highlights or a temporary color. Of course, always talk to your doctor first.

  • Green Hair – If you have blonde hair and have ever been swimming in a pool with chlorine, then you know all about green hair. To correct this, you can squeeze lemon juice or tomato juice on your hair. Keep in mind that if you use the latter, you might end up with a slight red tint. Another option is to purchase color removal but pay close attention to the change so it does not strip your natural pigmentation.

  • Dark to Light – For many men and women, they want to change their dark locks to something much lighter but fear that the results will be less than desirable. If this is something you are interested in, you might discover that achieving this is not as easy as it seems. In most cases, hair color will only change the hair up to three shades lighter from the natural color. Therefore, if you want to go from dark brown to a light blonde, you should have a professional colorist work with you to ensure your hair is not damaged.

  • Light to Dark – This too, can be a challenge in that the result will often be a orange or green color. In this case, you might need to have a second color applied along with a neutralizing color.

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