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Hair Highlighting Tips

Highlighting - light is infused into current hair color, producing wonderful sheen
See the difference Highlighting will make to Your look
Are you thinking about highlighting your hair but desperately trying to find sound, hair highlighting tips? If so, we can help. If you were interested in brightening or adding color to your hair but hesitant in going too far, then having your hair highlighted is a viable option. Some people choose strong highlights that consist of bold stripes or chunks while other people prefer softer, delicate strokes. For instance, a brown-haired-person might choose auburn highlighting for a rich, sophisticated look while bright red or blond highlights would produce a trendier appearance.

If you think that highlighting is something you might be interested in, the first step would be to locate a qualified colorist that can offer you suggestions based on what you want, along with your hair color. Do not be afraid to ask questions and if you are unsure of a certain process, then ask him or her to explain it to you in detail. To give you an idea of some of the more popular methods, consider the following hair highlighting tips:

Color Chunking
Having been in existence for about 15 years, this process consists of contrasting blocks of color being added to the hair in place of thin streaks. The result is actually beautiful and very natural looking.

With this option, light is infused into current hair color, producing wonderful sheen.

With this process, natural, dark tones are enriched. In this case, the colorist would probably apply both highlights and lowlights at the same time. The result would be the light reflection of the highlights and then the darker hues would be intensified with the lowlights.

Highlighting hair is actually an art that takes years of training. Each technique is studied and practiced to perfection. However, with so many advanced products on the market, it is now possible to give yourself a quality, highlighting job at home. Just remember when choosing your highlights, you want them to complement your natural hair color, rather than create a distraction.

Another hair highlighting tip is that you never want to go more than three shades lighter than the primary color of your hair. To ensure you get the same professional results at home, as you would in a salon, the following tips are recommended:

  • Two days prior to highlighting your hair, wash it with a clarifying shampoo
  • Even if tempted, never wash your hair the day you add the highlights
  • When choosing the highlights from the store, take a minute to look at the expiration date on the box. Just as with food, hair color does expire. In addition, the color will need to be used immediately once opened and mixed.
  • Instead of using the brushes that come with the highlighting kit, buy separate one-half and one-quarter inch acrylic brushes, the same type used by artists. These brushes can be found at art supply or hobby stores, providing you with better control, which equates to better looking hair.
  • Although the highlighting kits come with gloves, many times, these are thin and do not fit properly. Therefore, purchase a good pair of latex gloves for ultimate protection.
  • When applying the highlighting product, start at the back of your head, working your way forward. This will keep the chemicals from smearing again giving you better results.
  • When you apply the highlights, you only need to work on the top layers of the hair. Leaving the underside of the hair untouched will create depth, making your hair look natural.

After having your hair highlighted once, you will see for yourself how great it looks. You may want to start with a subtle color until you are confident enough in trying something a bit bolder. Keep in mind that highlighting should not look blotchy or messy but sleek and natural.

In other words, you want the highlights to appear as though the sun has lightly and naturally, changed sections of the hair. For this reason, when the highlighting is applied, you want to use small batches of strands. If you have light brown hair, then the warm blonde highlights would make it appear as though you had been spending time in the sun.

Finally, another hair highlighting tip is that just as you would with full color, you need to wait anywhere from 24 to 48 hours after receiving highlights to shampoo your hair, which will help the color last longer. Additionally, you will need to avoid salt or chlorinated water, overuse of hot styling tools, and daily shampooing, which can all cause the color to fade.

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