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Hair Style Tips

Keep your hair shorter, perhaps in a Bob or Crop

Make your hair simple to manage with a short, layered hairstyle.
See if this look suits your look with an online virtual hair treatment

While there are some people dealing with thin, fine hair, other people are walking around with so much hair they feel like they have an outlandish wig on the top of their head. Just as thin hair is a challenge, so is a head of too much hair. For people living with this problem, they often feel as though there are no solutions. In most cases, they have tried tons of things, none of which has worked. If you find that you have an abundance of hair, do not stress. Instead, consider some of the following hair style tips, which work:
  • Your first hair style tip is that you should meet with a professional hairstylist to have your hair cut and thinned. The result will be a smoother and slicker appearance. However, before you run out to have just anyone cut your hair, you should look for someone that specializes in thick hair in that it is unique and requires special skills.

  • Another hair style tip is to keep your hair shorter, perhaps in a Bob or Crop, or wear it extra long. If the hair is short, you will have a stylish, trendy look whereas the length will actually help to weigh the hair down, making it smoother looking and more manageable.

  • If your hair is long, wavy, and thick, then you definitely want to consider a long hairstyle. The weight will flatten the waves, again producing a smoother look.

  • You might talk to your hairstylist about having your hair straightened or relaxed. Now, because this process involves the use of harsh chemicals, it is not something you should ever try at home. Instead, you want someone with years of experience doing the work. Sure, you could buy a relaxing product from your local drug store but typically, they do not work well. Additionally, these products put your hair at risk for permanent damage. See if straightening your hair will compliment your features with a free trial of Stellure hair styling software: Click Here

  • Even if you love changing the color of your hair, avoid it. When you color thick hair, the hair shafts will automatically swell, making your thick hair appear even thicker.

  • For another hair style tip, always use quality de-frizzing products. They will smooth out the hair and help it look sleeker. The market is flooded with a number of good options, such as John Frieda, which makes one of the most effective and affordable products available.

  • Keep your hair clean with a good, moisturizing shampoo, which will help keep your hair from drying out. When hair dries out, it will frizz, making it appear larger and out of control. Additionally, rather than use shampoo at full strength, dilute it so you have one part of shampoo to three parts water.

  • Leave-in conditioners are another of our hair style tips. These conditioners are always great for thick hair. While you can find a number of great products on the market, an excellent choice is Sebastian’s Potion 9.

  • Although the layered look might be popular, if your hair is extremely thick and wild, this would not be the right style to choose. When layers are cut in, the hair will actually look fuller, completely defeating the goal.

  • Try putting your hair in a braid. To make it tight and sleek, braid your hair wet, immediately after washing.

  • Never wash your hair with hot water. Instead, wash your hair about every two to three days and then rinse with cool water.

  • Do not be afraid to try a variety of different products. Sometimes, you just have to see what you like and what gives your hair the best result.

  • Our final hair style tip is that typically, blow-drying hair will make it appear thick and full. However, if done right, it can help. To make blow drying work for you, use shampoo with a moisturizer, followed by a good conditioner, rinsing well. Rinse with cool water and then towel blot your hair. Then apply the leave-in conditioner and with a wide tooth, comb, remove any tangles. Now, divide the hair into two, four-inch sections, blowing each section dry at a time.

By using a paddle brush, you can blow downward, going from the middle of the hair to the ends, which will help the ends to lie flat. If you were to blow the air upwards toward the roots, you would actually cause the cuticles to puff up and look larger. Work slowly with each section and when the hair is completely dry, apply a gel to keep the hair slick.

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