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Virtual Hair Cut

You might have heard of them or seen them advertised, but what exactly is a virtual haircut. This new technology has made choosing hairstyles not just easy, but also fun. With virtual hair cut software, like that offered by, you can play around with all types of different styles, colors, and cuts!

Another excellent option to look at virtual hair cuts is This company offers a free consultation if needed, giving you the opportunity to work with a professional that can guide you to some of the best cuts specifically for your hair type and color. Other factors generally taken into consideration include your age, occupation, and lifestyle.

With the $14.99 registration at The Hair Styler, you receive six months membership that is loaded with all types of amenities. For example, you can upload the photograph of you that you choose, and then look over 2,000 virtual hair cuts, along with 53 hair colors. Additionally, you will receive free hairstyle updates each month, a 24x7, password protected access, printability, and much more.

Then, is yet another option where virtual hair cuts can be viewed, helping you choose something unique and fun for your next do. With this service, you simply click on the hairstyle, appealing to you from the massive gallery. To make the viewing process easier and more enjoyable, this company has broken the styles and cuts down by sections to include:

  • Extra Short
  • Short
  • Medium Short
  • Medium Length Hairstyles
  • Center Partin
  • Wavy Hair and Curly Styles
  • Side Parting
  • Easy Hair Styles with no Parting

Additionally, you will be able to see the latest trends in bob hairstyles, summer cuts, and new fashion statements. If you want to see the top 30 virtual hair cuts or visit the men’s section, you just click on the link to explore even more. is another virtual hair cut site that offers realistic examples of the finished look. With these virtual hair cuts, you are not looking a clipart, but actual hairstyles and cuts, as they would look on your head. With this company, you have four plans from which to choose. For instance, Plan A allows you to have 12 styles for $19.99, Plan B offers 24 styles for $27.99, Plan C covers 36 hairstyles for $35.99, and finally, Plan D covers 48 hairstyles for $43.99.

After placing your order, you can browse through the gallery of styles and cuts, and then merely write down the style numbers you like best. From there, an order is filled out, mailed in with a photograph of you, and in return you will receive a binder complete with high quality pictures of you with the styles you chose. If you prefer, you can have the images sent to you in 16 million color jpeg images on disc.

Regardless of the website you decide to try, using the option of a virtual hair cut has many advantages. The most important is that you are viewing all your options before you have your hair cut. This gives you a much better chance of having a perfect cut, one that you love! Since the styles are for men, women, and children, the entire family can have a great time choosing new cuts.

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