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Dyeing Hair Tips

For years and years, both men and women have been dyeing their hair. Back in the mid-1950s, henna rinses were developed, making dyeing hair easy and something that could be done at home. Although the henna rinses were extremely messy and did not hold color very long, they did work. Since that time, changing the color of hair has changed dramatically and as you will see from the dyeing hair tips listed below, you have a number of excellent options from which to choose.

First, you can purchase over-the-country dye kits, which allow you to change the color of your hair completely or just add highlights or frosting. Most of these color kits contain chemicals,

which depending on the brand, are harsh or mild. In addition to the options with chemicals, other hair dyeing tips include using products that are void of chemicals. While these are considered temporary, they do stay in the hair for weeks to months, gradually fading with each wash.

An important hair dyeing tip regardless of the type or brand of hair color you choose is to perform a strand or patch test first. In other words, before you apply the color to your entire head of hair, take a very small portion in an inconspicuous place, apply the color, and then see if your hair reacts properly. If so, then you know it is safe to use the product on all your hair. If not, then you just saved yourself a huge problem and possibly embarrassment.

Other valuable hair dyeing tips include the following:

  • Before you apply any color, have the ends of your hair trimmed first. The reason is that the end of the hair is very porous. Therefore, instead of having an inconsistent color, your hair will have a nice, even appearance.

  • When you do apply hair dye, after doing your strand test, apply the color to your roots first. Because the roots are new growth, they will need to be penetrated first. After applying the dye to the roots, apply it to the ends of your hair.

  • If you plan to bleach your hair, you will need to remove your natural hair color first, making it almost white. This will help it absorb the color better, looking more natural. For example, bringing hair to a red tone with the use of bleach and then adding a soft, blonde toner will create a rich, reddish blonde tone.

  • As another hair dyeing tip, it is important that you educate yourself about products and processes. For instance, hair color is formulated with green, gold, and red tones. Therefore, if you were to dye your hair using a gold base, followed by a dye that had green tones, more than likely, you would end up with green hair. This happens because when dyeing your hair, you can mix the shades of color but not the base dyes.

  • Rather than grab something off the shelf, if you have any questions whatsoever, visit a reputable hair colorist or visit the local beauty supply warehouse to talk to a professional about the color and product best for your hair type.

  • We would add to the hair dyeing hair tips that at any time during the color process, should you feel a burning or uncomfortable sensation to your scalp, wash your hair immediately, removing the dye.

Working with your haircut, type of hair, and your personal preference for color, you can turn dull, drab hair into shiny, glamorous locks. Since the market is flooded with so many different hair dye options, we have pulled the top 10 products together for you. These were rated on reputation, reliability, richness of color, and price. Best of all, these products can be found easily at any drug store or beauty supply warehouse.

  1. L’Oreal Feria Haircolor
  2. Garnier Nutrisse Nutricolor Masque
  3. Salon Selectives Highlighting Foam
  4. Clairol Hydrience
  5. Clairol Natural Instincts
  6. Clairol Revitalique
  7. L’Oreal Excellence Haircolor
  8. L’Oreal Preference Permanent Hair Color
  9. L’Oreal Casting
  10. L’Oreal Open Hair Color

After the color has been applied, if you find that you simply hate it, at least on your head, keep in mind that you do have viable options. Since most hair takes up to 72 hours to “set”, if you are unhappy with the results of your hair dye, then you can contact a colorist right away to have the color changed. While you could purchase a color remover and do the job yourself, you do take the risk of damaging your hair. In this case, our hair dyeing tip would be to leave the change to the pros.  The best option if your not sure about a certain color is to check out your options before commiting to change using Virtual Hairstyling.  There are a few Virtual Hairstyle programs available, the best we found was Stellure, as you can easily upload your photo, change color and style, and view the result in 3D with the ultimate clarity. You will find this great Virtual Hairstyling program at www.stellure.com.

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