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Curly Hair Styles

Soft, bouncy curls are not just popular they are sensual, sexy, and fun
Not a Natural Curly? See what a curly hairstyle would do for your look
Soft, bouncy curls are not just popular they are sensual, sexy, and fun. Creating the best curly hair styles, even for people with naturally curly hair is something you have to work at, just a little. The key to having the most amazing curly hair styles is choosing methods and tools based on a number of factors. To begin, do you have hair that is all one length, or do you have layers. Keep in mind that when hair is layered, even if the layers are long, curls will be easier to achieve and shape.

Short Hair

  • When using a curling iron, choose a one-inch barrel all over your head. Make sure the pieces of hair are all tucked under so you do not end up with a flip out instead of a flip down. When you have finished curling your hair, rub some wax or pomade onto both hands. Then, to apply the substance, flip your hair over, rubbing your fingers throughout to create a soft, loose curl. For a tighter curl, spray your hair with a firm hairspray.

Medium to Long Hair

  • Hair of this length typically requires a little more work. However, you can achieve wonderful curls just as with short hair. The one downfall for medium to long hair is that the top of the head often ends up flat while the middle and ends are heavy with curls. The best option is to purchase a good set of hot rollers, which take about 10 minutes to put in and take out. If you want extra curl, you can leave the rollers in for 20 minutes or more.

    The key is to spray hairspray in a downward motion onto your hair as you wrap it onto the roller. This will help produce a more defined and tight curl. You want to roll the hair in one-inch sections, starting from the front and moving back. Next, you will roll the sides, working from the top to the bottom. If you take the curlers out and find they are too tight, then use a soft finishing gel or spray to soften them.

  • Another option for achieving curly hair styles is to scrunch your hair using a hard hairspray that is combined with a mousse or soft gel for softening the curl. With these curls, you can wear them to the office or school for a casual but sophisticated look and then at night, you can pin your curls up, creating an elegant and more sensual look.

Now, let us look at the various tools available for getting these curls:

Curling Iron
Curling irons have been used for years with great success. They are inexpensive, easy to find, and come in a number of different design options. For example, you will find some curling irons with built-in or removable brushes, steam, misters, and so on. Curling irons are also available in a variety of sizes ranging from one-quarter to three inches in diameter.

If you want to create curly hair styles on just a portion of your hair or need a last minute touch up, the curling iron would be ideal. This tool is also excellent for creating an emphasis. As an example, if you were getting married or attending the prom, then you could create two, loose spirals that flow down the sides of your face as well as a few soft curls at the nape of the neck, then you can control the level of curl.

When using a curling iron, to help the curls stay, you want to spritz them quickly with hairspray. This will help them last hours, keeping their firm bounce. Another popular option is to use a curling iron to create flips on the ends of the hair. Depending on the size of the iron, these flips can be small and fun, or large and sensual.

Hot Rollers
With hot rollers, you can create curly hair styles perfectly and quickly. In most cases, these rollers have a little bit of wax on the inside, that when heated, they hold the heat so the hair can curl. Like curling irons, you will find a huge array of choices, including curlers that change colors when they reach the optimum heating temperature.

Years ago, people dreaded using hot rollers because of the design. They would become wrapped around the hair, causing tangles and lots of frustration. However, with new technology and design, you can now curl your hair in minutes without the hassle of tangles.

For the best results, you should still use a non-sticky hairspray or gel on the hair prior to curling, which will help hold the curls. Additionally, you should not wash your hair within 24 hours of using the hot rollers in that clean hair will often resist curling.

Curling Iron vs. Hot Rollers
Obviously, both the curling iron and hot rollers have advantages and disadvantages, as well as similarities, as you will see below:

  • Both of these tools take time to heat to their optimal temperatures, with the rollers generally taking a little longer

  • Hot rollers are great in that they can curl the entire head of hair or just sections. The disadvantage to that is that they are not necessarily the best option for curling the ends of the hair under.

  • Depending on the design, you will find both the curling iron and hot rollers with light indicators as to when they are heated and ready to use

  • Curling irons are typically more flexible when it comes to the type of curl you get. For instance, with a curling iron, you can choose a soft, loose curl or a tight, ringlet-type curl whereas with hot rollers, you get a curl the size of the roller.

  • Curling irons are more beneficial in that they travel better and are easier to transport.

  • With hot rollers, you will get curls that uphold throughout the day and evening better than curls you would get with a curling iron.

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