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Hair Coloring Advice

Work with a qualified colorist, asking his or her hair coloring advice so you can make the right choices
The best hair coloring advice you can get is to educate yourself about products, advantages, and risks. Without doubt, hair color is a fascination for millions of people. The option of being able to take your natural hair color and change it into any color you like is indeed amazing. Working with an expert is your best bet in that they will offer hair coloring advice such as people with gray hair can take years off their appearance, or an individual can appear more fashionable and trendy with a new color.

While hair color can transform hair, it is important to remember that when you put permanent color on your hair, you are applying chemicals that completely change the natural structure of your hair. For this reason, you need to work with a qualified colorist, asking his or her hair coloring advice so you can make the right choices.

  • Unfortunately, just as hair color can turn mousey hair into something sleek and shiny, hair color can also go terribly wrong. Worse yet, hair color disasters do not always happen at home but also at high dollar salons. Although this is not a common occurrence, getting as much hair coloring advice as possible gives you more control over the situation, thus reducing the possibility of a disaster. Regardless if you had a bad experience from a professional colorist or made a huge mistake coloring your own hair at home, there are solutions.

  • For example, if you went to a professional to have your hair colored, typically, these individuals will back up their work. Since it takes between 48 and 72 hours for color to lock into the hair cuticles, if you had a bad experience, then our hair coloring advice is to call the colorist immediately before the color locks in. This way, the color can be corrected without causing damage to your hair.

  • If you did the coloring on your own but the results were less than desirable, start by accepting that you made a mistake and then get on the phone, making an appointment with a qualified colorist, again with the coveted timeframe.

Just keep in mind that even the most qualified colorists are people. Therefore, mistakes can happen. Give them the chance to fix the problem before getting irritated. Another piece of hair coloring advice is that before you have your hair colored in the first place; make sure you understand the pricing structure, as well as the guarantee.

When hair color goes wrong, you might need to go back more than once to have the color corrected. This is perfectly normal and in fact, it could take as many as five visits to get the problem resolved. Unlike painting a new coat of paint on furniture, with hair color, the colorist often has to remove the bad color before the new color can be added, which takes time.

To correct your botched home color job, remind yourself that trying to repair at-home color is a difficult challenge. You might start by looking for an 800 number on the back of the color product. Most often, they can offer you hair coloring advice. The one downfall to this is that usually, these numbers are only manned during daytime business hours. That means if you mess your hair color up on the weekend, you will not get the help you need.

If the product you used was a vegetable, semi-, or demi-permanent color, then you have a chance of re-coloring without much trouble. However, if the color was permanent, your only hope is outside, professional help. These permanent products contain bleach or very strong chemicals that if not handled properly can cause significant damage. The only way to remove permanent hair color is with a removal product formulated specifically for color.

In addition to standard hair color products, hair can be discolored from other things. For example, chlorine in a swimming pool can turn blonde hair green, or henna can wreck havoc on hair. For the chlorine, you can use lemon juice, tomato juice, or special shampoos designed to remove chlorine. For the henna, keep in mind that in addition to coating the hair, it is also very unpredictable. If henna is your problem, consider the following hair coloring advice:

  • Get your hands on mineral oil
  • Next, saturate your strands of hair with 70% alcohol applied to cotton balls, avoiding the scalp
  • After five minutes, a coat of mineral oil, again avoiding the scalp area
  • Cover your hair with plastic wrap
  • Sit under a hairdryer for 35 minutes or direct hair from a blow dryer for about 20 minutes
  • Then to get rid of the mineral oil, apply a small amount of shampoo in the palm of your hands, patting on your hair
  • Once the shampoo is worked into the hair, wash it with water and a clarifying shampoo
  • To restore the moisture of the hair, use a deep conditioning treatment

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