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Long Hair Styles

Consider hair extensions as a solution to long hair styles! Red, Blonde, Curly, Straight. See the difference a change of style would make to your look.

Are you trying to find a way to achieve a long hair style but your hair is short? If so, hair extensions are an excellent way to go from short to long hair and then back again. People like Paris Hilton prove that hair extensions can dramatically change your appearance. She is just one of many people that openly wear hair extensions, having fun with her appearance. If you have short hair that is soft and fun but want a more elegant and chic look from time to time, then consider hair extensions as a solution to long hair styles.

The great thing about hair extensions is the way in which they are made has advanced over the years, along with the materials used. You can purchase synthetic hair for this long hair style but more and more, real hair is the best choice and affordable. Additionally, you have a number of options when it comes to hair extensions. For instance, you can have them blended in with your natural hair color, mixed to create the look of highlighting, or colored for something sassy.

With hair extensions, you will notice immediate thickness, making this a great choice for long hair styles. Additionally, hair extensions offer volume for people with fine or limp hair. Another huge advantage of wearing hair extensions is that if you should experience a bad haircut, you can hide the cut while it grows out. Now remember that this type of long hair style does not have to be waist length. In fact, you can choose all different lengths, based on your personal preference. If you decide to try hair extensions for your own hair, then you would simply care for them like your own hair but with a few differences:

  • You want to always use a soft bristle brush.
  • Brush your hair, starting from the bottom, working your way up slowly and gently.
  • When sleeping, you want to use some type of soft band or wrap to tie your hair up.
  • If you want your hair extensions a different color, you should have a professional do this, as this is not something to do on your own at home.
  • Never spray hair extensions with silicone-based products or conditioners, which could cause the braids to slip and the extensions to fall out.
  • To avoid problems with tangling, you can simply run your fingers through the extensions.

Again, the length of the extensions is up to you although typically, they range anywhere from 26 to 30 inches. If you go longer, the extensions become too heavy, pulling on your hair by the scalp and causing damage. Remember that the goal with this type of long hair style is to have the extensions look like your own hair. Therefore, extensions of 22 inches or less are generally the best looking.

The price of hair extensions varies depending on where you live, the type of extensions you choose, the length, and the professional doing the work. However, on average you could expect to pay several hundred dollars. Now if you go with the top of the line hair extensions, then you could be spending into the thousands of dollars but to have good results, this is not necessary.

Just as you would with your regular hair, with this type of long hair style, you can wear your hair up or down, whichever you prefer. The goal is to have the extensions attached lower than your scalp’s base so that whether in a ponytail, French braid, or other hairstyle, the extensions will not show.

If you have any concern about hair extensions hurting, you can rest assured they do not. These long hair styles will need to be braided in firmly so they hold but even so, this does not cause pain. Generally, you will feel a slight tension all over your head but that is all. If you feel anything more, then you should talk to the professional to see if there is a problem. In most cases, after wearing the hair extensions for two to three days, you will know if they feel right or not.

If the hair extensions are added to your hair properly, they will not cause any damage. However, if applied incorrectly, they can pull hair out, or stretch it. For this reason, while you might be tempted to go to someone with a little experience, as a way of saving money, you would be doing yourself a huge favor by spending the money to have the hair extensions done the right way! Once the extensions are in, you will be amazed at how great this long hair style looks and feels.

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