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Celebrity Hair Styles

Of all the hairstyles in the world, celebrity hair styles are always the ones we try to mimic. Celebrities seem to have the most amazing hair, always perfect. Many times, celebrities set the trends that the rest of us follow. If you want to change your ho-hum style and are not sure what you want, you can begin by looking in magazines or on the internet at celebrity hair styles.

Take Jennifer Aniston for starters. Probably more than any other celebrity, she has set hair trends left and right. No matter what style she wears, her hair always appears fresh and sleek. She has worn her hair in the standard bob to a style known as “her” style. One of the interesting things about Jennifer Aniston and other celebrity hair styles is that you do not need to be worth millions to achieve the same look.

To recreate the chin-length cut that made Jennifer Aniston’s hair so popular, you want to use a good, moisturizing shampoo, especially if your hair is colored as hers is. Then, to condition the hair, you need to use a detangler, which will make your hair smooth and shiny while not added weight. Next, towel-dry your hair and apply a quality volumizer at the roots. With a comb, form a messy part so the hair can fall into place naturally. The goal here is to make the hair appear stylish without looking too polished.

Now, your hair should be pre-dried, which can be done by running your fingers through it while blowing it dry on low heat. Before you begin styling, the hair will need to be damp, but not wet. Start the styling at the back, working on the underside. With a large, round brush and the blow dryer on medium heat, you want to guide the hair so it becomes straight. Hold the airflow on the ends with the brush creating a very slight under curl.

Finally, using a very small amount of pomade, you will work it through your hair to the ends, starting about one-inch from the roots. Keep in mind that if you have hair that is fine and straight, you will probably want to pass this step. This is just one of many celebrity hair styles that you can follow.

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To achieve Nicole’s chic look use a large, round brush and a blow dryer, work through the hair to straighten it.

Another person that we like to imitate is Nicole Kidman. Among celebrity hair styles, her hair is always sophisticated and elegant. No matter the length that she chooses or the color, her hair looks perfect. To achieve Nicole’s chic look with straight hair, you want to start with a good shampoo and conditioner. Then, towel-dry your hair and spray on a treatment to help with any frizz.

Using a large, round brush and a blow dryer, work through the hair to straighten it. If you want to add shine to your hair, choose a boar bristle brush! Next, with a hot iron, start at the back and work on the underside. The goal is to guide the iron down straight while blowing the hair dry on medium heat.

Now you want to apply a silicone-based shine product to your hands and work it through your hair, moving in a downward motion. Take a one-inch section of your hair and pull it back from the middle of the forehead. Then gently brush it back, clipping it with a jeweled barrette. The look is gorgeous and definite “celebrity.”

Finally, when it comes to the most amazing celebrity hair styles, no one does it better than Madonna does. For years, this celebrity has kept us guessing at her next move, sometimes surprising us with a bizarre hairstyle and other times, with a style so chic we all want it. Madonna falls into the category of celebrity hair styles that includes interesting, intriguing, and enchanting.

To achieve her beautiful shoulder-length hairstyle, start by washing your hair with a moisturizing shampoo, followed by a towel dry. Then, apply a nickel size amount of leave-in conditioner, working it from about midway down the hair to the ends. Now, you want to take a two-inch section of hair and blow-dry it from the back. With a three-inch brush, take hair at the scalp and while pulling it straight down, apply medium heat. As soon as the brush gets to the ends, allow the hair to fall off the brush, creating a sleek, straight look.

Next, at the front of the hair, you will dry it just as you did the back but rather than pull the hair down using the brush, pull it toward the ceiling with the brush. This will actually help create volume and lift. To create soft curls, use a three and one-half inch curling iron. Divide the hair at the back of your head, securing the sides up with clips. However, you will need to leave one-inch of hair falling on both sides.

Each of the sections will be sprayed with a light hairspray and placing the curling iron at the midway point of the hair, drag it down to the ends. Next, you will roll the hair vertically in a clockwise direction. Do this on the other side, going in a counterclockwise direction. For the front of your hair, you want to place the curling iron lower on the hair shaft, again curling in opposite directions. Once you have curled all your hair, use a soft wide-toothed comb to lift the curls gently without causing them to fall. To keep the curls in place, spritz them lightly. The result will be that now you have a celebrity hair style just like Madonna.

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