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Hair Styling Tips

Having oily hair is a nightmare!
Just as some people battle with dry hair, having oily hair is a nightmare. It seems that no matter what you do, the type of shampoo and conditioner used or how often you wash your hair, it still looks and feels oily. This problem is one experienced by many people and although frustrating, you can do some things to resolve the problem. We have put together some proven hair styling tips so your hair can look healthy and clean.

If you were to ask people with oily hair the types of things they have used to combat this problem, you would be amazed. For instance, just a few of the things admitted to include:

  • Hot Castor Oil
  • Beef Marrow
  • Molasses
  • Maple Syrup
  • Beer
  • Horseradish
  • Cayenne Pepper

Amazingly, some of these actually work while others are simply gross. Although trying home remedies for oily hair does come with an “at your own risk” sign, these are things you could try that other people swear by. Just remember that if you have any open sores, scrapes, or bumps on your scalp, you would do best to allow these time to heal prior to trying anything. Better hair styling tips would include the following.

Watercress is a great solution for oily hair in that it is very rich in iron and phosphorous, along with Vitamins A, C, and E. If you want to try watercress for your own hair, take one large handful of watercress and with one cup of water, mixing well in a blender. If your hair is extra long or thick, you might need to double this amount. Then, bring this mixture to a soft boil for about 10 minutes.

Strain the watercress, setting the liquid aside. Once this liquid is cool, apply it to clean hair with a cotton ball. Once your hair is completely covered with the liquid, allow it to sit for about 25 to 30 minutes. At that point, rinse your hair with cool water and then blot your hair dry with a towel. Then use a non-oily product for detangling and allow your hair to dry naturally.

Other things you can do to help battle oily hair is avoid washing your hair every day. Although you would think that would make it better, it can actually work against you. The reason is that the cleaner your hair, more oil can seep into the glands, making it a challenge to eliminate.

A great hair styling tip is that instead, wash your hair once every two to three days, using a deep-cleaning shampoo. The key is to find a shampoo that has a good balanced pH level. If you do use a conditioner, make sure it is designed for oily hair, never applying at the roots. Instead, add the conditioner to the middle of your hair and work it down to the ends of the hair. You also want to avoid shampoos that are advertised as “two in one” shampoo and conditioner, along with any type of frizz serum.

Additionally, cut down on the types of foods you eat that are high in oil content. Add more fruits and vegetables to your daily diet and avoid drugs and alcohol. While it might be tastier to eat the big, juicy quarter pounder, consider a grilled chicken sandwich in its place. Then another hair styling tip is that if you are in a hurry to get out the door but fighting a head of oil, you can sprinkle baby or talcum powder on your hair, starting at the roots. Then with a soft, bristle brush, brush downward.

While this solution is just temporary, it will work. In fact, you can still buy spray in shampoos, which is simply a pressured can of powder! If you find that none of these solutions helps the excessive oil, then it might be time to talk to your doctor. Sometimes, an underlying problem might exist that goes beyond what you or your hairdresser can do. This way, you will know if medication or some other type of intervention is needed to control the problem.

Most of all, do not feel alone since people around the globe deal with oily hair, just like you. You might need to try a variety of things to find what works best for your hair but know that there are viable options. Once you find the solution that works, you will notice your hair looking healthier and fuller.